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Understanding Psychic Protection

Once people understand that they can get attacked and hurt on energetic, psychic levels, they are always curious to know how to

What is Holistic Healing

I find there is a lot of confusion about certain terms in the realm of healing.  Most often it is “HOLISTIC.” So

Making A Bone Broth

One of the aspects of health on the physical level is receiving good nutrition.  Unfortunately with today’s ways of shopping, we lack

Creating a Blissful Life

Many of us have lives filled with hardship and suffering.  This is NOT how it was meant to be!  All of us

You and Your Mind

Is Your Life a Mess? Do you worry? Do you demean or belittle yourself? Are you driven? Do you judge or criticize

Ten Ways to Raise Your Vibration

A good friend of mine who is also an excellent healer, Brent Phillips, posted this on his site http://www.theformulaformiracles.com/ 1. Find something

Health, Illness and Healing

One of the most important components in healing is that you get and understand the encoded message that your illness, disease or