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You are mostly ENERGY. Everything is ENERGY. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your essence lies in your ENERGY BODY. If your energies are not flowing correctly, your life is in disarray.

Just think about your heart space when you love someone. That is NOT physical, that is ENERGY!


Sometimes you have a condition/malady/illness/disease that persists regardless of what you do. Even though you tried everything and visited every doctor possible, it still persists. That is because the reason for your condition is in your energy body. For example if you have a leak in your aura, you will continuously feel tired.

If You Suffer From:
  • Poor energy/excessive fatigue
  • Consistent poor luck and misfortunes
  • Feeling cursed
  • Unending grief or sadness
  • Unexplainable pains or illness
  • Compulsions
  • Addictions
  • Panic attacks or nightmares
  • Depression
  • Trauma and shock
  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • Lack of motivation and passion

and the cause is in your Energy Field, I will see that during my reading.

Learn more about YOUR Energy Body!

This is a very special opportunity to work with me!

Get a full hour, in depth 61-Point Life Essence Reading (LER)

The cost is  $227
Plus you will also receive a FREE 84 points skeletal alignment check.

Here is what I look at during YOUR LER:
  • The overall impression of your energy field
  • The condition of your aura and its boundaries
  • The functioning of 8 of your chakras and the chamber behind your heart where you connect to your Soul
  • Whether you are grounded and connected to Earth Energy and to the Universal Life Force
  • Whether you have support – your connection to any helpers, spiritual guides or guardian angels
  • Whether your energy is being drained by attachments or cords to other people or entities
  • Whether you have energetic burdens or are pushed to perfection
  • Whether you are being sabotaged externally by curses, attachments, cords and/or contracts

The 1-hour session also includes a FREE 84-Point Skeleton Alignment Check!

The cost is $227
Plus you will also receive a FREE 84 points skeletal alignment check.

What People are saying about their sessions with Daniel…

“If you are ready to live your life with more ease and a better appreciation of yourself, let Daniel assist you. You’ll be glad you did.” –S.N.

“You hold such a beautiful space – neutral, loving, nurturing, gorgeous and grounded.” –K.B.

“I really enjoyed our session and felt that your read of my situation was very accurate. The emotional healing work felt like a physical healing and was very instructive.” –D.F.

“I found this man on the Internet when I was recovering from an illness which left me in bed practically for 2-1/2 months. He is the Real Deal. I’ve worked with so many modalities and healers of all kinds. Nothing helped… until I found Daniel. He shifted everything for me. I now have a new start to my life again. He is so kind and passionate about helping.” –A.K.

“Thanks again for the session. It was by far the best form of healing I have ever experienced.” –J.E.

“After my visit with Daniel, I felt lighter, happier, more accepting of myself, and more aware of the areas I needed to work on. Daniel is extremely intuitive and kind… just being in his presence made me feel more at ease. Along with helping me out of a bad place emotionally, Daniel’s work also eased my physical pain symptoms.” –A.D.

The cost is only $227
Plus you will also receive a FREE 84 points skeletal alignment check.

Package LER plus one hour follow up session $337