You Are A Powerful Healer

“A very powerful healer that completely understood my situation, knew what to do, how to start, and had me feeling better in our first session. He’s definitely an expert, a lot more than others I’ve come across in my time. I actually feel better still and it’s been 3 weeks since our last session.”

I Highly Recommend Daniel

“There is no one I would recommend higher than Daniel, at least not in energy healing that is. This man knows what he’s doing, even if your situation is unique. My condition was medical and I have suffered for over 20 years with constant pain. Daniel is the only person that has ever helped me for more than 24 hours. He helped so much that I can actually walk upright without wincing, something I could have only dreamed of in the past. Daniel, I recommended you to everyone I know, and this here is the very least I could do in return. God Bless.”

50% Less Pain In My Joints In One Session

“What a powerful healer. Daniel carried more energy than I’ve ever experienced from another human being. I didn’t even have to be with him to feel it, because our first session blew me away. I went home feeling rejuvenated, happy and even excited about our next session. Not to mention 50% less pain in my joints. Simply amazing, Daniel.”

A Pain-free Body And A Clear Mind

“I went in with considerable skepticism. Not only had I been duped by chiropractors for years, but also fell victim to medication that only made things worse. To say the least, I was very guarded when hearing about Daniel and what he does. But, 3 months later, I would not have guessed my entire life would have changed, not even close. Every chiropractor I had ever been to helped a little, but the effect wore off almost as quickly is it began. Not today, because Daniels methods helped change the way I walk, the energy I feel throughout the day, and my attitude towards life in general.Amazing what a pain-free body and clear mind can do for a person. Thank you so much Daniel, you have been a Godsend, and my family cannot praise you enough.”

Arch In Back Is Gone

“I couldn’t believe the results from Daniels alignment sessions. In fact, I was blow away by the quickness of my results, feeling noticeably healthier and spiritually connected within the first 10 minutes of our energy session. Over the past 6 months, Daniel has helped me live completely pain-free, without an arch in my back, and much more spiritually connected with my inner-self. I cannot give him enough praise for all he has helped me accomplish, simply extraordinary. Thank you Daniel for everything.”