If You Have Blood Sugar Issue

Over a third of our population has blood sugar, weight and hunger issues.

So did I.  Let me explain.

As I am getting older I need less food to sustain myself, but my appetite would not subside.  I’d be having dinner and would get up from the table still ravenous and eat another snack right away.  I became very familiar with the refrigerator door.  So overall I ate way too much food and gained about 10 pounds over a period of 6 months.

I tried to eat less, but I’d have hunger pangs all day long.

Then I came across this new product.  It has been around for a short while, but it new to me.  It is a food based bio-flavonoid capsule.  All you need is 3 per day.  So I tried that.

This is what I noticed.  After about a week all my cravings disappeared.  I can go all day long without feeling hungry.  To me that is fantastic, because I don’t like to eat breakfast.

So before this product I was eating a late morning snack, an afternoon snack, dinner, right after dinner snack and a late night snack.

Now all I eat is dinner and a late evening snack.  So I eliminated three snacks and I feel great.  I am not hungry all day long (yeah!!!)  And finally the weight is coming off.  In three weeks I lost 6 pounds of the 10 I gained.  And is it mostly belly fat.  I feel strong and healthy, and my clothes that I was going to give to a thrift store all of a sudden fit again.

If you too have any blood sugar and weight issues, or you are hungry all day with cravings, join me!

I normally don’t get into recommending products, as there are many good products out there.  But this one is extra-ordinary.

The manufacturer of this product has the only patented formula that will improve sugar challenges, some have even reported that they don’t have to take insulin any longer.   As with all nutritional products it is a slow process.  It can take several months.

Let me know via email at daniel@danielthehealer.com or call me at 818-855-1377, and I will guide you in the right direction.  The product is available online and can easily be shipped to you.

Here’s to Your Health,


What is Holistic Healing

I find there is a lot of confusion about certain terms in the realm of healing.  Most often it is “HOLISTIC.”

So I thought I’d talk a short video explaining the concept and some examples of what I found during my healing practice.


If you are at a total loss about a situation, I definitely recommend having a Life Essence Reading.  It is an in-depth look at your energy field and can shed light on many unexplained and mysterious medical conditions.

Here’s to your well-being,


Making A Bone Broth

One of the aspects of health on the physical level is receiving good nutrition.  Unfortunately with today’s ways of shopping, we lack important parts of our nutrition.

Most of our land has played out, meaning that essential minerals are missing.  Plants need only a few building blocks to thrive, which they receive in the form of fertilizers – NPK:  Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

However that is not enough for the human body and so it is important to supplement your diet with various minerals.

Another area where we lack proper nutrition is in the consumption of meats.  In earlier times we ate the whole animal, but nowadays we only get pre-packaged cuts of meats.  We rarely eat organs and just about never receive the nutrition that is available in the bones.

That is where a Bone Broth comes in.  It is an abundant source of calcium, collagen, chondroitin and many other trace minerals.

If you wish to know more about the many benefits of a broth, click here to check out this site for more information.

Just recently I put a video together on how to make a bone broth, or stock.  As an ex-professional chef I can demonstrate the proper way of making it.

Just as my healing is done with love, so is my cooking.  Whenever I cook I always flow love energy into the food, making is delicious and nutritious on more than one level.  I suggest you do the same.

Please click below to watch my “Making a Bone Broth” video. It is free and you will learn how to make nutritious food for yourself.