Conversations with Your Body

You are not your body. You have a body and together you work as a team. You mostly provide the intelligence and your body takes you around to where you want to go. Please treat your body well. Even though you provide most of the intelligence to your team, your Body is quite a smart organism. It senses energies and knows when something works well or is defective. This video will teach you methods on how to communicate with your body and what kind of conversations to have so that you can be healthier and have more vitality.

Safe Venting

I consider this to be the most valuable tool in this package. Most of us have suppressed anger that you “swallowed” in your past. It is probably the most damaging aspect in people’s lives. If you cannot get it off your chest, it will fester within you. Eventually it will eat you up from the inside, just like cancer, and it is the most prevalent energetic cause for getting cancer. But what are you to do? Expressing it is a major no-no in our society. Enter “Safe Venting!” It is a complete system of being able to get anything off your chest without harming yourself or any other party. If you seriously go through this, your life will be completely different – more magical and with more ease. People will respond to you differently and most of your hassles you currently experience will simply vanish. This is especially helpful if you have any of these situations: being depressed or manic depressive, if you suffer from worry or guilt, if you have ADD or ADHD, if you are compulsive or obsessive compulsive, if you have thoughts of revenge, or if you have been traumatized or hurt in the past.

Your Inner Voices

Your mind talk goes on all the time. Even though it all sounds alike, there are many different voices and identities that talk to you. Some mean well and some don’t. It is important that you identify which voice is who, so that you can eliminate those that are harmful to you. Learn to identify each voice and how to get rid of the negative ones.

Healing Your Past

As human beings in this physical reality we function on four different levels simultaneously: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. For you to have a happy life you need to heal any unresolved issues of the past on all four levels. This video is designed specifically to deal with any unresolved emotional issues. You see, early in life we experience all kinds of traumas that we don’t have to capacity yet to heal and resolve. Our best way to cope with it is to bury them in our subconscious and unconscious minds. However, if you have an emotionally unresolved issue, that issue will bleed through into your present and diminish the quality of your life. This video presents a very simple and elegant way to finally be done with all those interferences, so that you can experience happiness and joy 24/7.

The Valued Self

When you value yourself, value will magically come to you. Valuing yourself is an attractant for good fortunes. The valued self is the product of seven components: Self-awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, self-respect and self-realization. This video will explain all seven components, and how to attain them. For the valued self to make a difference in your life, you must pretty much be resolved in all seven areas. In years and years of working with my clients I have found that women especially have a difficult time with self-esteem. They were not given the secret of how to gain it. Learn how to value yourself and reap the rewards that come along with that.

Working with Your Spirit Helpers

Probably the most important and fastest way to grow spiritually is to have a living and breathing relationship with you Higher Self. And the best way to get there is to start communication with your Spirit Helpers. This video explains who they are, how to connect with them, and how they can benefit you. It also explains what attitude for you to hold towards them, and that as a divine being you are given this extraordinary gift of their unconditional support.

Your Energy CleanUp and TuneUp

You function on four different levels: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual/energetic. The essence of who you are lies in your energies, and when these are out of sync your life manifests in odd and bizarre ways. By watching this video your energies will become aligned and recharged for optimal functioning.