Living the Good Life Package

Just as God and Goddess create new universes, you, as a divine being, create your reality, and we are at the threshold of a brand new reality. We are in the middle of a consciousness shift. This is the very first time ever in the evolution of human consciousness that we are consciously experiencing such a shift. A marvelous and fantastic new future is here to greet us.

This is also the first time that even though we are living in a three dimensional world inside of time space, we will be connected and have access to the higher dimensions and realms beyond time space.

Heaven on Earth is finally upon us.

Due to these changes, life as we used to know it is over. Whereas in the past we were able to function with the limitations we held, that is no longer possible. To access this grand future, we need to clear certain restrictive patterns of the past.

This video package will give you the tools to clear out those restrictive energies you carry that prevent you from accessing this glorious new future. It also supports you to attain and have an overall happier existence.
Includes Items 19 to 25

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