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Spiritual Awakening Videos

Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Package – $337

As Divine Beings we have certain spiritual birth rights.  They are:  Receiving love, having abundance, freedom, power, free will, choice, safety, trust, self-worth, self-respect and eternal life, just to name a few.  Unfortunately most of us are far away from realizing and having these.  This package will help you own them more.  It includes all seven videos below, and is 50% off from the total price of the individual videos.

A New Paradigm of Wealth – $197

Most of us want wealth, prosperity and abundance.  But many of us have no idea about what attitudes to hold towards money.  This video gives you twenty-one tips of how to change your mind set for becoming more abundant. You will also receive a copy of the “Green Candle Ritual” a simple yet powerful process to attract money into your life.

Healing by the Elements – $97

Air, Fire, Water and Earth are very powerful allies that support us in our manifestations.  I created a meditation where the elements are giving you a healing.  Watch this any time you have pains or are ill.

Clearing, Resetting, Aligning, Balancing and Recharging Your Chakras – $97

Your chakras are the most influential part of your energy field. They are your energetic microphones and loudspeakers to your world. They create a lot of havoc in your life if they are twisted just a little bit or they are poorly aligned and balanced. When you watch this video your chakras receive a complete overhaul.

Activating Your Heart Love – $97

You have an energy field.  Just like in the Universe where everything moves constantly around, so does it in your energy field.  You continuously run your energies.  However, it is important that you do this correctly.  Just about everyone I encounter does not.  Here is how to do it.  Over time it will turn your life to bliss.

You Create Your Own Reality – $97

The Divine continuously creates.  Likewise, as a Divine Being, you create your own reality.  Learn how you do that, and how to use these methods to manifest the life you desire full of joy and peace.

Understanding Psychic Protection – $47

Your energy field is your psyche.  If you do not protect it, it could be vulnerable to attacks and manipulations by others.  Learn how you defend yourself and keep you safe.

Your Energy CleanUp and TuneUp – $47

You function on four different levels:  the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual/energetic.  The essence of who you are lies in your energies, and when these are out of sync your life manifests in odd and bizarre ways.  By watching this video your energies will become aligned and recharged for optimal functioning.