Experience Spiritual Bliss

Spiritual Bliss is a very high state of being.  To attain it you need to be mostly healthy, love yourself, have a good outlook on life, be emotionally clear and keep your energies clean.  It also helps to be connected with your Soul.

One particular component that can help you reach spiritual bliss is to run your energies in a different way.

Most of you (about 99% of the population) suck in energy from your environment.  This is unfortunate because when you do that, you also absorb all the crap that comes along with it, such as despair, fear, terror, scarcity, anger, and many other negative energies that float around.

And you cannot simply stop absorbing energies, as you need them to function.

The key is to receive pure and untainted raw energies that nurture you and let you function on a very high level.

This also allows you to become someone who emits more energies than you take in.  When you do this, you protect yourself from others’ negativity, and you become a beacon of love, which is part of being in spiritual bliss.

To help you attain this bliss I have developed a short daily routine that I call “Heart Love Activation.”

I have created two short videos that fully explain how to do this and take you through the experience.  I hope you enjoy them.  The first video you watch only once.  The second video you watch as many times as it takes for you to activate your heart love on your own.

And if you need help in attaining peace with your past and being connected with your Soul, you may want to book a session with me.

Here’s to your well-being,