9 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Why do some people get ill and others don’t? Even when they get exposed to the same bacteria or viruses? Those that don’t get the disease have a strong immune system.

With all the new diseases and strains of antibiotic resistant illnesses, it is very important to keep your immunity strong. The press especially mentions MRSA, Lyme Disease, Norovirus, MERS, West Nile Virus, Avian Flu and of course, very recently, all that stuff about Ebola.

The “Command Central” of your immune system is your thymus gland, but most of the work of defending you is initiated in your gut.

Here are 9 ways to keep your immune system functioning at your best.

1.  Thymus tapping

Any minor shock, trauma or stress can deflate your balloon like thymus. When it is deflated it functions poorly. Tapping re-awakens your thymus.

Do this once or twice a day, or, if you feel something coming on, more often.

The thymus is located behind the mid-way point of your breast bone. Strongly tap your breast bone 10 to 12 times with your knuckles, just like knocking on a door. Within a few seconds you will feel stronger.

2.  Supplement your diet with Pro-Biotics

A healthy gut supports a health YOU, and for your digestion to work well, you need a good intestinal flora. It is made up of beneficial bacteria (pro-biotics) that help you break down the foods you eat and extract the nutrition from it so that you can absorb it.

Probably the best pro-biotic I have found is raw coconut kefir. It helped me get over my sugar cravings that came from too much candida in my gut. Every time I wanted sweets, I would simply take a swig of kefir and after two to three weeks my cravings disappeared. I also noticed that my digestion greatly improved.

You can make your own using raw coconut water and kefir grains or you can buy it. In California you can find two brands of raw coconut kefir: “Tonix” and “Healing Movement.” Outside California you can mail order it. Click here for the links to these resources.

The next best way to ingest your pro-biotics is with fermented of cultured foods. One of the reasons Koreans have such good digestion is that they eat Kimchi with every meal. It is similar to sauerkraut. In Japan they use miso or tempeh. Other cultures have their own versions.

For best effects these need to be raw. My wife and I make a cultured vegetable mixture of cabbage, kale, fennel, beet, carrot, radish and onion. We use the “Culture Starter” from Body Ecology (www.bodyecology.com.) We leave it out for 6 days so that it can ferment, and then we store it in the fridge. We have some with every major meal.

Finally, and third in the order of effectiveness, are store bought pro-biotics supplements. The ones you find in the refrigerated section tend to be slightly more effective. Here are some brands that work OK: Garden of Life raw Pro-biotics, Solaray Multidophilus 12, Megafood Megaflora, and Jarrow Jarrow-Dophilus + FOS. A good pro-biotic should have at least eight different kinds of bacteria. For a list of the most common ones click here. Additional information can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probiotic.

These two suggestions alone will greatly improve your well-being. Tune in next week for other helpful tips to keep your immune system strong. We will be discussing your do’s and don’ts about food, water and air, and many more suggestions that keep you healthy.