9 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong – Part 2

The last time we spoke about thymus tapping and keeping your gut flora healthy with pro-biotics. If you are interested in these topics just scroll down to the previous blog entry.

So now here are the promised additional tips to keep you immune system strong.

3. Reduce stress and sleep well

Many people carry burdens, feel guilty or worry. That is a lot of stress. I know that sometimes you cannot avoid the stress, especially if it is work related, but try to avoid stress as much as you can. Many times you can change your attitude about things that stress you out, and then you can more easily co-exist with these situations.

It takes the body 5 minutes to calm down for each minute that you are under stress. If you never calm down, you adrenals continuously release more [cortisol, adrenaline], and that wears you out. When you wear out, your defenses (immune system) break down.

To recuperate you must sleep/rest well. If you continuously don’t sleep quite enough, you will be under even more stress.

Another way to recharge is with meditation. Take 15 to 20 minutes each day and relax every part of your body. Then release all your concerns of the past and worries about the future. Then let your guides and helpers recharge you. Try to relax your mind, have quiet and peace from your inner voice. Pay attention to your breath. Do nothing for a while, just be.

Do something your body likes. Hug a tree or another person, get a massage, go into a Jacuzzi, swim in the ocean, commune with nature, and go on walks.

4. Do’s and Don’ts about Food, Water, Air

Try to live as clean as possible. Eat natural and organic. Eat things made by hand with love, not the mass produced prepackaged foods. Eat raw dairy (milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, etc.)

By eating organic you avoid pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, food coloring, artificial flavors and other additives.

Read labels on packaging of your food. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, it probably is bad for you.

Avoid all refined foods. Reduce your starches and carbs.

Absolutely don’t eat anything GMO. They did tests how GMO’s interacted with human cells and it was found to be acceptable. However, most of what is in your gut is not human. Nothing kills your good bacteria faster than GMO’s.

GMO ratsAmerican companies fed GMO corn to rats for 3 months.  When French researchers fed GMO corn to rats for their entire lifetime, they developed tumors and died prematurely



Drink clean and pure water. Spring water is best, followed by filtered. I don’t like reverse osmosis or distilled. Definitely don’t drink fluoridated water. It takes a special char bone filter to remove fluoride from the water.

Breathe pure air. You may want to have some sort of air filter on live plants inside your apartment/house. Many large office buildings are hermetically sealed so they recycle the same bad air. If that includes any solvents from building materials, it can create toxicity, allergies, and damage your immune system

5. Avoid other environmental hazards

Other bad environmental influences are micro waves, those emitted by cell phones and wifi’s. Try to minimize your exposure as much as possible.

Get a battery operated alarm clock, so that you don’t have the transformer of the plug-in kind next to you head while you sleep and absorb all this electro-magnetic energy. All these electronic frequencies weaken our cells.

6. Nutritional Supplementation

Here are a few things that help your immune system:  Have enough Vitamin A, C, B6, D3 and E. These all strengthen the immune system. So do selenium, zinc, echinacea (use it only when you feel something coming on – not always,) eleuthero, ginseng (Asian, Siberian and American), garlic, and shiitake, reishi and maitake mushrooms.

Something else that will boost your immune system is colostrum, and it’s best if you can possibly find it raw.

7. Live, Love and Laugh

Laughing strengthens the immune system. If you don’t already have, create much laughter every day. Socialize with friends. Make love often. Be grateful often. Have good hygiene. Try to create a life free of terror, fear, anxiety and despair.

Give and receive love. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Create a positive outlook for your future.

8. Consume alcohol in moderation.

Not more than 1 glass of wine, 1 shot of hard liquor or 2 beers a day.

9. Don’t get vaccinated

I know that vaccines are supposed to build up immunity, but I have found way too many stories about it not working well and even more horror stories about damages and weird symptoms that came after being vaccinated. Personally I was vaccinated against TB when I was 10 years old and I developed full blown TB in 6 weeks!

“…and there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL (1, 14…”

This is a flu vaccine insert. Something you won’t be shown in most cases even though it’s illegal for you to get the shot before reading it. The insert states clearly that no controlled trials have proven that the vaccine decreases duration or severity of the flu or prevents the flu.

Further down the insert it also states the flu shot
can trigger your death.  Do you really want to inject mercury into your body for just a faint possibility of not getting the flu?